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Coating pans creating a mess? We have a neat solution.

Bakery Coats Pans Five Times Faster with our AutoJet® Spray System

An artisan bakery needed to apply a light coating of release agent on large sheet pans to prevent bread from sticking. The bakery was having workers manually apply the release agent from aerosol cans – an expensive, time-consuming and messy process.

Automating the release agent application helped boost production, eliminated waste and allowed workers to be reassigned to different tasks saving the bakery more than $25,000 annually.

The results:

  • Pans are coated five times faster – coating occurs when pans pass through a spray station
  • Precise application reduced use of the costly release agent and eliminated messy overspray
  • System payback: less than four months

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SprayNews from Spraying Systems Co.
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